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Resume from 25 November 2020

Laboratory assistant in Haifa

I am looking for a job in Haifa
Rubanova Maria
Rubanova Maria 28 years old, Haifa, higher education

Work experience

Laboratory assistant
6 years 4 mo. Jun 2014 - Oct 2020
Western Ukrainian Specialized Children's Medical Center, Lviv, Ukraine
6 years 4 mo. Jun 2014 - Oct 2020
Performance of:
enzyme-linked immunosorbent test to determine immunoglobulins M and G antibodies against COVID 19;
cellular immunity tests;
immunophenotyping (diagnostics of primary leukemias);
level of Methotrexate and Cyclosporine in the blood of children with cancer;
total immunoglobulins A, M, G;
blood type and rhesus factor;
rheumatology tests (Rheumatoid factor, CRP, ASO).
Performance of:
general blood tests;
general urine tests;
coagulation tests;
registration and preparation of venous blood;
finger prick blood sampling.

Higher education

Lviv Medical College of Andrei Krupynskyi, Lviv
Bachelor Degree in “Laboratery diagnostics”
3 years 8 mo. Sep 2010 - May 2014


Russian - fluent

Additional information

I want to work in medicine, to help people with my knowledge and skills. Always ready to learn something new, learn new techniques and new equipment.

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