Foodstuffs in Israel

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Galette biscuits in range
Price on request
Агро-Юг-Сервис, LLC, UA +8 ads
Galette biscuits in range: - Fitness - Fitness with bran - 123 - Sweet sticks - Cards Shelf Life: 6 Months Texture: Crispy Place of Origin:...
Chickpeas "Bar"
Wholesale price
from €600/t FCA
Градина, SRL, MD +1 ad
The LLC Gradina company sells large-fruited Israeli seed chickpeas " Bar " +10, weight of 1000 seeds of 484 grams
Vegetable oil
Price on request
Аудиотелком, LLC, UA +1 ad
Corn, $ 210-220 / t Wheat, $ 245 / t Barley, $ 255 / t Wheat flour starting at $ 265 / t Sunflower oil refined, 740-760 US dollars / ton, flexi $...
Sunflower oil kosher
$750/t FOB
Architek Future, Sp. z o.o., PL +4 ads
Sunflower oil kosher. And I have a suggestion for you in oil in 5l. FOB Odessa / Yuzhny, From 845 / 1t (5388 bottles) 40dv. From one container...
Durum wheat flour
Price on request
Агро-Юг-Сервис, LLC, UA +8 ads
Durum wheat flour from manufacturer. Packaging: 50, 25, 10, 5, 2, 1kg
Fruits, vegetables, beans from Sunshine Uzbekistan!
Wholesale price
Sindbad Sailor, LLC, UZ +1 ad
Sindbad Sailor llc are ready to provide the whole Uzbek potencial of agriculture products to Israel markets. -Fruits -Vegetables -Beans All...
Durum wheat Pasta
Price on request
Агро-Юг-Сервис, LLC, UA +8 ads
Pasta TM "AMINA" or under your Privat brand, made from durum wheat flour: Types: -Conchiglie -Chifferi Rigati -Fiori -Penne Rigate -Cavatapi...
Sugar biscuits in range
Price on request
Агро-Юг-Сервис, LLC, UA +8 ads
Sugar biscuits in range: - Tea Biscuits - Honey Bee Shelf Life: 6 Months Texture: Crispy Place of Origin: Ukraine Packaging: 3.5 kg, 4 kg
Oatmeal biscuits in range
Price on request
Агро-Юг-Сервис, LLC, UA +8 ads
Oatmeal biscuits with cranberry, chocolate, peanuts & sesame : Shelf Life: 6 Months Flavor: Chocolate, Fruity, Nuts Texture: Crispy Place of...
Hard - Dought Biscuits in range
Price on request
Агро-Юг-Сервис, LLC, UA +8 ads
Hard - Dought Biscuits in the range: - Maria - Croquet - Sweet Bear - Zoo Place of origin - Ukraine. Shelf life 6 months. Packaging: 3.5 kg, 2...
Redbull Energy Drink 250 ml
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, RU +7 ads
We supply original redbull and monster energy drink with the below specifications. owing to timely deliveries and focus on 100% customer...
Nescafe Gold
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, RU +7 ads
We have regular large-scale offer for Nescafe Classic / Nescafe Original / Nescafe Gold / Nescafe 3 in 1 instant coffee We offer a collage...
Yellow split Pea
Wholesale price
from $310/t FOB
Trade Company Ukraine, LLC, UA
Yellow split peas Origin: Ukraine Package: 25/50 bags
Dried fish maw
200/t CIF  
Wholesale price
Ess-Food, GmbH, DE +4 ads
Fish maw is the dried form of fish air bladder. Fish maw can be divided into king fish maw, premium fish maw, grass seabass fish maw and fried...
Fruit, berry taste sugar «Raduga»
Wholesale price
up to ils 11.06/kg EXW
IDS - Intrepid Dorich service, LLC, UZ
Fruit, berry taste sugar «Raduga» Our company «Intrepid Dorich service» offer you Universal & unique product In 3 times sweeter than regular...
Frozen mackerel
0.60/kg CIF  
Wholesale price
Ess-Food, GmbH, DE +4 ads
Sea frozen mackerel. Mackerel is an important food fish that is consumed worldwide. As an oily fish, it is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids....
Walnuts for sale
4,000/t CIF  
Wholesale price
Ess-Food, GmbH, DE +4 ads
1. Walnut Kernel for Sale Nutrition: Walnut without Shell (pieces and halves) out of the shell. Raw walnut kernels are rich in nutrients like...
Apples fresh
Wholesale price
from €0.30/kg
Гурей.груп, CJSC, UA
We are gardening company. We grow and supply apples that meet modern quality standards. We are open for partnership with various groups of...
Wholesale price
Fenil, LLC, Yavne +3 ads
Dear sales manager! We are seeking the Customer for regular shipping Russian medium grain rice. 1. High grade rice 4% broken 2. Osman, 4% 3....
Wholesale price
Fenil, LLC, Yavne +3 ads
High Gluten, healthy and cheaper than common wheat flour
Wholesale price
Fenil, LLC, Yavne +3 ads
We offer shipment Russian healthy wheat flour with very competitive price
Natural juice from Kazakhstan
Wholesale price
from $0.50/l EXW
Agros BT, LLP, KZ
Juice of a direct extraction from fruit from own gardens in the environmentally friendly region of Zailiysky Ala Tau. Only 100% juice in glass...
Sunflower oil
Wholesale price
from $0.77/l FCA
IV Elements, LLC, UA
Selling sunflower oil for export, price FCA 0,77 $ for 1 liter bottle, 3,88$ for 5 liter bottle. THIS prices are up-to-date. It is possible to...
Linseed oil and cake
Херсон Зерно, PE, UA
Good day Our company from Ukraine produces and supplies linseed oil, we have successful experience with several Chinese companies selling linseed...
Sunflower oil
Price on request
Армада К, LLC, UA
Selling sunflower oil from Ukraine. We offer direct supplies of quality sunflower oil, refined and not refined, in pet bottles and in bulk...
Sugar GOST 33222-2015 Russia
Price on request
ТК Регион 174, LLC, RU +3 ads
White beet granulated sugar categories TC1, TC2, TC3. Produced by Krasnodarskiy region, the Russian Federation
0.85/kg EXW  
Wholesale price
from €0.80/kg
Elita Exim, LLC, UA
Good day My name is Arkadii I’m export manager of famous Ukraine company “Sezam”, we are producer of confectionary items such as: halva,...
Sunflower oil
Wholesale price
from $0.78/l EXW
Рубин глобал групп, LLC, RU
Sunflower oil refined deodorized highest grade, packaged in PET bottles of 0.5, 0.8, 0.9, 1, 1.8, 2, 3, 4.7, 5 l. Shipment from the Krasnodar...
Corn Flour from Bulgaria
Wholesale price
€360/t FOB
Milkov 63, SMLLC, BG +1 ad
Corn flour - 100% natural bulgarian product, packing : 40 kg. polypropylene bags
Wholesale price
Ромашка, LLC, UA +3 ads
The company sells cane sugar icumsa 45 Delivery to any safe port in the world. Annual contract. Price: 12,500 MT per month 320/MT 25,000 MT per...
Price on request
Ромашка, LLC, UA +3 ads
Sell. We offer supplies of sunflower oil origin Ukraine. Sunflower oil, refined and unrefined, poured or in flexi-tanks, bottles. Price...
פפריקה מעושנת "Espana pequeño", 25 g
ils 3.20/pc EXW  
Wholesale price
ils 3.18-3.19/pc
ВикШир, LLC, UA
פפריקה מעושנת "Espana pequeño" הוא אחד התבלינים הפופולריים ביותר בספרד. מוצר זה הוא כל כך אוניברסלי, כי הוא מתאים לכל מאכלים ומשקאות. כן, זה...
ils 35/l  
Wholesale price
ils 30-35/l
Tura Winery, LLC, Immanuel
Visoko kachestvennoe Extra Virgin Olivkovoe Maslo i velikolepniy Jem
Масло подсолнечное рафиниров оптом от производителя в России
Price on request
Южный Полюс, LLC, RU
Масло подсолнечное — рафинированное дезодорированное «Высший сорт» вымороженное, торговой марки «Краснодарское отборное», фасованное в PET —...
Пихтовое масло
Price on request
Иванов, LLC, RU +1 ad
Dear Sirs, we offer fir oil. The oil is clean and without any additives. Fir grows mainly in the forests of Eastern Siberia, there are enterprises...
Сливочное масло
Wholesale price
$6-6.20/kg FCA
Пугачёв Д.А., SP, BY
Масло сладкосливочное несоленое массовой долей жира 82,5%, фасованное в упаковку по 1 кг (масса нетто 1000г). Упаковка - 4-х слойная кашированная...
Экспорт из Украины. Масло растительное, крупный опт.
Wholesale price
$600-720/t FOB
Masis ptm, LLC, UA
Компания специализирующаяся на международной торговле предлагает широкий спектр товаров, для экспорта крупным оптом: Рафинированное подсолнечное...
Wholesale price
from $750/t FCA
БелВнешГрупп, PUE, BY
Продаем высококачественный крахмал картофельный высшего сорта, изготовленный по ГОСТ Р 53876-2010. Упаковка: бумажный мешок по 25 кг.
Продам говядину оптом
Price on request
Триумф, LLC, UA
Украинский производитель реализует на экспорт говядину высокого качества . На сегодняшний день можем предложить следующие цены на условиях FCA: -...
Оптом Мясо Баранина Говядина Свинина.
Price on request
Slk kronos, LLC, AZ +1 ad
Уважаемые партнеры хотим довести до вашего сведения что SLK Kronos является крупнейшими экспортерами мяса и мясной продукции в арабские страны и...
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